The LEADER Programme can support a wide range of projects.

Example projects eligible for funding include:

  • Farm shops
  • Wood processing machinery
  • Glamping
  • Local food initiatives
  • Micro-breweries

All projects must support one or more of the six LEADER priorities. These are to:

  • support micro and small businesses and farm diversification
  • boost rural tourism
  • increase farm productivity
  • increase forestry productivity
  • provide rural services
  • provide cultural and heritage activities.

Desirable projects hold the key

Submitting a successful LEADER grant application is not simply an exercise in box ticking. Applicants stand more chance of success if the project they want funding for is deemed desirable for their local area. Potential applicants can speak to the team to understand what a desirable project might be in their area or check out the Local Development Strategies available on each areas relevant page.

The LEADER Programme comes with finite funding resources and as with any grant application process, things take a certain amount of time. The team work feverishly to process each application and make a decision on its suitability. As an example there have been 18 applications to the Chilterns LEADER Programme thus far, with 6 so far having been advanced to the next stage of the process.

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