With new success stories waiting to be written, here’s a selection of projects funded by the previous scheme.

North & West Northamptonshire

Growth plans nurtured by LEADER funding

The expansion plans of one Northamptonshire business came to fruition thanks to a sizeable grant from LEADER, with dozens of jobs created and tourism getting a boost as a result.

Olive Grove Nurseries saw the availability of LEADER funding in 2011 as an opportunity to grow the business and thanks to £70,000 LEADER grant they implemented ambitious plans to build a coffee shop, delicatessen and gelateria, having started off as an architectural plant garden centre and nursery in Polebrook, Northamptonshire.

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Clay Vales

Farm shop goes from strength to strength with LEADER

A LEADER grant helped one business achieve its growth potential by supporting the purchase of new equipment and a marquee to increase their sales.

Boycott Farm Shop is owned and run by husband and wife team Richard and Rosemary Hilsdon. One of the big draws to the shop is the tea room, but what with growing visitor numbers and the same limited space in which to house them, they were in need of expansion. Enter a £45,000 LEADER grant.

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Photo: Fullers Flowers, Princes Risborough


Business is blooming at Princes Risborough florist

Fullers Flowers used £15,000 of LEADER funding to perfectly meet the grant programme’s priorities of job creation and business development.

The owner of Fullers Flowers, Lorna Brooks, wanted to start a cut flower nursery to support her business. A £15,000 LEADER grant helped her achieve this and as result a new job was created and profits grew year-on-year.

“The LEADER funding helped to position us well for the future,” says Lorna. “As a result of the £15,000 grant, we were able to build a new workshop, purchase a new delivery van, upgrade our website, grow and sell our own flowers and create a job. As a result we have seen our profits increase year-on-year. That’s some outcome!”

Lorna has this assurance for business owners contemplating applying for LEADER funding: “The LEADER team is on your side. They are dedicated, passionate and professional and all they want to do is help your business.”

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