Fullers Flowers used £15,000 of LEADER funding to perfectly meet the grant programme’s priorities of job creation and business development.

The owner of Fullers Flowers, Lorna Brooks, wanted to start a cut flower nursery to support her business. A £15,000 LEADER grant helped her achieve this and as result a new job was created and profits grew year-on-year.

“The LEADER funding helped to position us well for the future,” says Lorna. “As a result of the £15,000 grant, we were able to build a new workshop, purchase a new delivery van, upgrade our website, grow and sell our own flowers and create a job. As a result we have seen our profits increase year-on-year. That’s some outcome!”

Lorna has this assurance for business owners contemplating applying for LEADER funding: “The LEADER team is on your side. They are dedicated, passionate and professional and all they want to do is help your business.”

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