For any further information on Decision Panel dates or any queries you may have about your application, please contact the Project Officer relevent to your area. If you are an Agent representing a grant applicant, we also encourage you to contact us in advance to discuss your client's project

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    STEP 1: Contact the Team

    Talk through the details of your planned investment with your LEADER area Project Officer and find out if it’s likely to be eligible for LEADER funding. We can answer any specific questions you may have and guide you through the application process.

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    STEP 2: Outline Application

    When you are ready to apply, an Outline Application form can be requested directly from your Project Officer.  Here you will provide a background to your business, an overview of your project including financial information, and justification for your project in its wider business context.

    Your Outline Application will be assessed by your Local Action Group (LAG) and if successful you will be invited to complete a Full Application.

    Remember you should not begin any part of your project until you have your written grant award notification.

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    STEP 3: Full Application

    During this stage you will provide a more detailed account of your business including more comprehensive financial information about your project such as: projected growth; opportunities for employment creation; and costs based on quotes.

    Remember that being asked to complete a Full Application is not a guarantee of successfully being awarded a grant.

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    STEP 4: Grant Award: Successful or unsuccessful?

    You will be informed in writing if your Full Application has been successful or otherwise. The date on your grant award letter signifies the time from which you can start your project so you can then order or pay for goods and services to begin the work. If your application is rejected, you may appeal. Please download the Appeals Guidance Form from the LEADER area page on the web-site for more information.

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    STEP 5: The Claim Process

    You are permitted to claim your grant funding in up to 3 stages.

    In order to claim your grant funding, you will have to:

    • Submit invoices

    • Submit proof of payment including bank statements

    • Confirm that the work has been completed

    Once all of the above has been confirmed and approved, grant payments will be made.

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